13 April, 2013

Let He Without Sin...

They brought her to Him

One they thought was filthy and deserved to die

They brought her to judgement, to condemn her

Not just to report her to the Master,

But to expose her wickedness, her nakedness before man.

For she had sinned.

She had to die.

For how else can we correct the filth?

It was only by death.

And they knew exactly what to tell the Master.

"Master" they said, "this woman was caught in the very act".

They chose the right words to condemn her

For what is just? What is justice??

Is it not to prove beyond reasonable doubt??

They knew the Law. Knew the equivalent punishment too.

She deserved to die.

She was filthy and they all knew it, even the Master did.

"Let he who is without sin be the first to throw the stone", the Master spoke

And there was silence, pin drop silence.

For what is sin? Is it not a transgression against God? Is it not to do that which does not please the Father?

And one by one, they left, troubled by their conscience.

She was left with Him

Face to face with the Judge, the King and the Father.

The Master asked her, " Where are your accusers?"

They were no where to be seen.

The Master then said: Neither do I condemn you. GO AND SIN NO MORE.

These were the powerful words of the Master, our Creator.

Words of hope and of healing to the soul

Words of reassurance that no one is ever too deep rooted in sin for His love

Nobody is ever to filthy to start all over again

For Christ came to bring life everlasting that we may share in His kinship in the life thereafter.

DnG recently gave his life back to Christ, and the media had a lot to say about that. Read more...

Less than 15 hours ago, Size 8 announced that she had quit the secular world. Read more...

The reactions are no different from what the adulterous woman in John 8: 1-12 experienced

It is even shocking that as Christians, instead of rejoicing for that one lost sheep that has come back to the fold,

Our words, our reactions injure the sheep until all it can do is to see Canaan but never actually get there

But one may ask, is Gospel music not the trend right now?? Aren't artistes in it for the money?

Friends, I take you back to the words of Jesus, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone..."

Any one confident enough to do that??

Size 8 is on trial, DnG has been on trial...

Just like the adulterous woman, we have all been on trial

However, the trial is sweetest, when we are the accusers.

Friends, it is not for us to judge.

"For all have sinned," the Bible records.

Ours is to spread the Gospel story to all corners of the world

To let Christ be know in our faith, in our acts and in our words.

Let Christ be the judge

But let us be sheltering trees to the sheep in our fold,

Whether they are young sheep, or old sheep

Whether they are black sheep or white sheep

Whether they know they are in the fold or not

Let us be the salt and the light of this world

Let the devil not deceive you to remove the focus from God to ourselves.

Judge not that ye may not be judged.

Amen and Amen.

Take time to love


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