30 October, 2015

After This

Ever been cornered by life?

And squashed like an insect by life

Well, we know how scary dark corners are

No one likes seeing crawling things in the dark

Even when we feel alone and scared

I believe there will always be an after this moment

There will be light after this

There will be joy after this

Yes it does not look like there is ever going to be an 'after this'

But God is there after this.

No matter what I am going through there is and there will always be glory coming after this.

So there will be peace

There will be comfort

There will be greater anointing

There will be character formation

There will be provision

There will be a way

Some form of light

Yes there will be an after this

I shall look back and say

The dark corner was worth it Lord

He will move and make a way

For that's my God

First time, second time, third time, 99th time, 10000000th time, nth time

There will be an after this.

For He is God.

He is my God

And there will be glory after this.

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