29 December, 2010

In the Split of a Second

Life is just life

I mean there is no better way to define it

Life has its own course

Life has a way of shoving things onto your path

Whether you like it or not, that's life.

You can either sit on your road bump and sulk ,whine and complain

Or you can make the best out of this life's lemons

In the split of second,

Loved ones die

Relationships break

People fail exams

One loses their source of income

Families break up

Diseases attack

Hunger strikes

Name it all

Catastrophes vary for individuals

But despite all that life throws your way

You gotta learn to shove it off your road and forge on

Never tire, lest in the split of a second

A life's time worth crumbles down before your own eyes.

It's never too late.


  1. tru dat...we should never tire though the road might be tough and thorny...


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