30 December, 2010

By the Time

By the time you realize, you will have lost it

Doesn't absence make the heart grow fonder??

By the time he values her...she would have found value elsewhere

By the time he notices her tears, somebody else would have learnt how to make her smile

By the time he notices her efforts, she has already given up on love

By the time he gives her his time...she finds pleasure in solitude or the company of another

By the time he remembers to say I Love You, she would have moved on..somebody else will be her knight in shining armour!!!!

While you have the chance, time and opportunity, let the love of your life know before it is too late

I wish I had......will cost you a lot by the time you notice.


  1. dont wait to see the value of loving someone when they are already gone....

  2. true that my dear...it might be too late

  3. This is so true! I hope we dont become victims of the same

  4. true tht gal...my prayer too


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