01 January, 2011

21 questions

Sometimes she wonders whether it is worth it.

She wonders whether the torture is part of a big plan.

Is there even a bigger picture?

Will the tears every night,the heartache everyday ever touch his heart???

Is his heart human enough to see her pain from a distance??

Is this the cue of cold love aka not a mutual feeling??

For how long will she reach out?? For how long will he hurt her??

21 questions and still counting

She stays up all night waiting for him to come home,

He never comes, he never calls,

Yet she never tires, never gives up 10 years and still counting

She is hopeful that someday his heart will see.

That one day he will see the pain he has caused her

For when he sees her wounds, She will feel love again.

In the meantime, it is 21 questions, and she is still counting.

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