29 January, 2011

Carte Blanche by Nanjira Sambuli

Feel free to hurt me
I could use the extra pain
Feel free to crash me
I do best without oxygen
Feel free to insult me
It's my life's source of motivation
Feel free to mock me
My one and only form of compliment
Feel free to use me
I'm a human machine
Feel free to walk away
In my eyes, it's a beautiful view
Feel free to say nothing
Your silence means a thousand words
Feel free to pull one on my head
That will be my saving grace!
Like a sanctuary,everyone is welcome
I wait upon what you bring with open arms
A fresh bout of pain,new stab in the back
A new reason to cry
To feel used
A new vocabulary of insults
That sounds like music to my ears
It's a carte blanche
A blank cheque
Take as much as you can
Leave as little as you can afford
Except the emptiness, that's so fulfilling
The pain that's so motivating
The hurt that's so inspiring
The tears that are so nourishing
Walk away,don't look back
After all, it's a carte blanche


  1. Hi Mkosh,
    Thanks for sharing my piece.

  2. Anytym my dear...this is my all time favourite...speaks of me


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