11 January, 2011

Dear cupid....

I hope your new year began well and job has picked up well

I think I have a lot to tell you that is why I drafted this letter to you.

I appreciate the arrows you shoot me with but I  have a request.

Cupid, I am tired of the random shots, I kindly request that you give me just one accurate heart shot.

In that case we will avoid the heart aches and save us a lot of time. 

I know men are not not perfect but can we eliminate unfaithful men, liars and hypocrites from the list, add Godly men  unto that list.

This will mean a lot to me cupid....and just one more favor....

Do this unto all my friends out there.

I know you will do me right because your cupid with the love fever
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Broken heart
(c) 2011

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