12 January, 2011

Nairobi-Eldoret Road

For the last four years, Nairobi- Eldoret route has been my route mostly

The first time on this route, I was full of fear and uncertainty of life.

The 'what ifs' were just too many in my head.

The what ifs cleared and this route has had its awesome memories of laughter,

Friendships have been sealed here, 

Tears have fallen, 

Regrets have been witnessed, 

Reflections done and wisdom gained.

So as I look back at the journey on the road, 

All I can say is who ever thought this road will do me more good than harm?

Talk about the Lord having ordered my steps even before the world began

He having known me by name even before I was in my mother's womb

Talk about Him being all-knowing
As I wrap up the journey, all I can do is trust Him....

No fear and uncertainty this time round for He promised to see me through it all

The Nairobi-Eldoret journey is a road map to my life

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