12 January, 2011

Love Equation

The irony of the love equation is that once you find 'x' and substitute it in the equation, the equation never seems to balance.

Could it be because the variables involved don't equally contribute to the equation???

Or was the equation never meant to balance??

I am just wondering aloud.....

Find a faithful man and he lands on an unfaithful woman

Find a loving,caring woman and the man would be exact opposite....

Yes, there are unique equations...which in this day and age are rare to find.

So if you find your 'x' and it solves the equation appropriately, STICK TO THAT SOLVED EQUATION.


  1. Oh yes indeed.. the equation never seems to balance bt as He ordered ur steps b4 u were born so did he order ur equation

  2. ...I sed yo a masterpiece of brains- Nvr or seldom does it balance. Sijui why bt...it's called the irony of love in this ironical life!!!

  3. Kip i disagree...it does balance with the ryt variable...God ordained equations

  4. sooooooooooooo praying it will balance...: )

  5. my dear it will....only if God is a stakeholder in it.

  6. Mine has already balanced.in this case guarding my heart is the constant.

  7. totally agree with u mush....thts th way to go ju kuna venye collectng hearts bizna ni rampant


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