24 January, 2011

Solemn prayer to Daddy

I write about life,
I write about friendship
I speak to the heart broken
I speak to inspire
I seek to bless with my words
Give hope with His word
But my temple runs in ruins
I seek to rise above the storm
To save myself from the hussles that suffocate me
I seek to smile through the storm
To rebuild the broken temple
I seek to pump life into myself
I seek to bubble with love
To wipe the hot tears away
To turn back the hands of time
So i ask the Father
To refill my cup once more
To ignite the passion that was once in my heart
To overflow me with joy
To inject me with love
For behind this smile Daddy is a girl thirsting for you
For your ways
For your face and not your hand
I can't lay in ruin anymore
Make me over again Lord


  1. May He refill your cup once again and make you whole again. May the good Lord open your heart and mind and allow you to smile all through the storm and through the muddy waters, make you walk through.

  2. Amen to tht...my boat will kip sailing


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