24 January, 2011


Yes i have fallen
I can see that, i can feel it,
Because i fell with a thud
A deep grave, i have dug
I am sorry,
But even stars collide, mountains erupt,the earth tremors
So sometimes, i dont need you to give me 'how could you' look
Sometimes, i dont need to be the subject of your sermons, the agenda of your meetings
I don't need that
Because i am aware i have fallen
But i wanna get up!!!
Isn't that what a righteous man does?
Doesnt the Hoky Bible say so??
So cast not a stone at me
Instead, take my hand and help me get up
If you can fly,teach me how to fly too
Teach me how to worship
How to lift my hands to Him
Remind me that He loves me
Remind me of the anointing at His presence
Help me get up
Because, while i was away,
I got so accustomed to crawling that i forgot I had the capability to fly
This is what i need always......not sometimes!!!

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