24 January, 2011

Little Angels

Life can sometimes bruise you
Cut you deep or even strangle your hopes
But in such miserable moments
God knew that we will need little angels to help us
To heal our wounds,pick our mats and continue with our purpose in this life
These little angels are what we term as friends
Im talking about those loved ones who reach for our hands when we need help and end up touching hearts
The ones who bring us joy and laughter
Who make us rich,not with money but with the value they add in our lives
I'm talking about the one who walks in our lives
When the rest of the world walks out
Someone who sees our fisrt tears,catches the second,prevents the third and changes the fourth tear in to a smile
One who loves you dearly and honestly,not afraid to correct you
One who only stands on your way when you are heading downwards
The angel who multiplies the good in you, divides its evils
One who acts the part of an advocate before he assumes that of a judge
True friends are rare to find,
But once you do find them, you cherish them forever


  1. yea it does cut us deep n strangle our hopes and i want to be always on your way if you r ever goin to head downwards coz i cant let that happen!!

  2. me too dear.....true friendship dearest


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