24 January, 2011

Thirst for love

In this world we live in,
Being busy is the order of the day,
Day in, day out
We toil for a bright future
We pursue higher education
We discover better investments
We earn more money
We keep changing our status quo
We do anything to obtain a bright future
But at the end of the day
No amount of toil,
No amount of hardwork,
No amount of money
Can quench our thirst for love
To love, and to be loved
Love knows no status, degrees,race,creed nor money
That is why the greatest of them all is LOVE
Love overcomes obstacles
It covers a multitude of sin
At the end of each busy day,
Our heart will thirst for true love
Until we find the one with the key to our hearts
Until we find the one who'll cool our hearts
Until we find the one who'll cause our veins to vasodilate
Our hearts will continue to thirst for love
For love is not like riches that it can be acquired
Nor is it like a motion that it can be passed
Love is love
It has to be felt
It has to be true
It has to be from one's heart.

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