24 February, 2011

Be glad

Be glad


Make merry

Be glad my dear

When life makes no sense

When your heart is hurting

When your life is in turmoil

When your plans dont succeed

When the world sees you as crap

When they gossip you

When a friend betrays you

When all you have is yourself

My dear God is refining you

You'll come out as gold

We are hardpressed on everyside

But not crashed

Persecuted but never abandoned

The fool says in His heart

There's no God

But you know your maker

Trust in Him

Joy cometh in the morning

In th meantime

Praise Him in the storm

Joyfulness shakes the enemy

Praise puts the devil in His right place

Be happy

You coming out as gold sweetheart

Ps:2 corinthians 4:8-10
philippians 4:4
Psalms 103:2

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