25 February, 2011

By your side

My child

I formed you in your mother's womb

I knew where to place you on this earth

I know the number of stars in the sky

I know the hairs on your head

I know your future

I died on the cross for you

Conquered the grave for you child

So why you crying my child??

Why are you striving alone??

Why are you trying to earn grades??

Allow me to lift your face

Just dont turn away my child

Stop looking for love

Stop searching my dear

Am i not enough??

Where will you run to??

I love you unconditionally

I will be by your side

Please dont fight these hands that are holding you

I promised to hold you through it all

I died on that cross

That i may give you life

Allow my blood to make you whole sweetheart

I want you to know that I love you

I wont let you go

I'll be by your side

Whenever you call me

I promised you sweetheart

Call me

I miss you.

Love, God

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