17 February, 2011


who is with me on this one...

or am I the only one in this one

i keep running and running

how i wish i was running in the right direction

i am trying

but the distance between me and You Lord keeps getting wider

soon i will be a stranger in the palace

not the queen i was anymore

11 years old in this walk

yet i feel like i am 4000 steps behind the rest

does anybody hear me

does anybody see

does anyone see that I am going down today

this is serious Lord

i realized the distance between the altar and the door is the toughest

under this smile

is a lonely gal seeking for your face Lord

seeking to commune with You

needing Your affection

Your love Lord z all I need

teach me Lord

hold my hand Lord

sometimes i cant hear U

i wonder if You know me

reassure me of Your love Daddy

overflow my cup Lord

call me....by name Lord

Coz in this path between the altar and the door

I need to know You are there with me

Im sorry Lord

i'm simply laying down my crown

coz without U Lord, Im jst but grass

here today....gone tomorrow....

Lord i am listening...Speak, Whisper, shout.....i need to hear from You.

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