19 February, 2011

The other side of L.O.V.E

They say ''its better to have loved than not to have loved at all''...

I agree with this..

It is written and the greatest of them all is love.

Love love love

It not a respecter of persons

Or of creed,age,social status

It knows no boundaries

Rich love the poor

Girl loves boy

Man falls in love with woman....

The christians love...

So do the scholars

But there is a downside of love

When love hurts,breaks,cuts you skin deep

When the love that bubbles in you

Burns you like fire

Oh I have been there

Wen whom you love you cannot have

Worse still whom you love,loves u too

When you have to suppress love...

Hide the love

Its killing the love in you

At this point,my heart says''better to have never known love at all''

But will I be saying this out of pain

Out of hurt...

Coz my heart has been slain...

Somebody once told me....

''never give up on love...''

In this haze of love...

In the confusion

In the hurt

Where will my heart lay??

Where will it find peace??

Will it love in pain??

My heart is flesh and blood

bubbling with love...

That cannot be channeled

So help me Father

for this is the other side of love!!!

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