05 February, 2011

Tough year

When 2010 ended..
I was looking forward to 2011
But never at any point in my life did my heart know what the future held out for me
Never did my mind fathom of the storms that await me
With a child's innocence,
I welcomed the new year
And here i am
No peace
No joy
No happiness
No hope
No strength
No courage
No love
Just me
Empty me
2011, though the 2nd month feels so heavy on me
Where do i start??
Troubled heart
Cold heart
Mind boggled
Many questions
No answers
Name it
Where did i lose it all??
Where did i fail??
Where is my strength?
Where can i ran to?
Where do i hide my troubled heart, heavy eyes and pointless life????
And the sad part of this
Its only February!!!!!!

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