13 May, 2011

Looking beyond their covers

I am in a matatu(public service vehicle), and the music is booming seriously so I am peeping through the window. I tell you Eastlands can be interesting. From the side-road mama mbogas, to the jobless corner, not to forget the valued mitumbas by the road side. You never lack something interesting for your eyes to feast on...(for those who don't know eastlands, I'm sure right now your wondering this chick should get serious)

Anyway,stick with me. My point is nigh. As we try navigate the jam on the famous Jogoo Road, my eyes land on a fellow human element. Its drizzling, its cold and this Kenyan is just being Kenyan. She adorns herself in a really short mini minute(note my combination of words) skirt, with daring 6 inch stilettos.Her hair is exotic; very long thanks to the innovation of human hair aka expensive weaves. The make up is daring...but I must say I loved how she brought forth her eyes...must be her area of strength. She is endowed and clearly depicts that through her dressing. She is freezing at the Hamza stage chilling for a mat to take her home i presumed. The aura around this lady is the diva attitude.

My mind began to wonder and question the character of the young lady.I was like, Oh I love the boldness but is it wise to dress like that considering the current weather conditions??Then some brain matter in me thought, Oh no!!!What you advertise is what you get!!! then I thought, typical Nairobi woman.....or maybe she ain't going home....mpango wa side perhaps....And the thoughts escalated further and further long after we had passed by her.

After around half an hour or so, something came to my mind.Isn't that how we lose out on stuff? Not referring to the young lady's side of the teaching(that's for another day) but on my side of the coin!!! I looked and I judged...truth be told, first hand. I did not see any good in her, none whatsoever!!! I saw the outward, I concluded. That's man!!!reality of the matter.

However, when David was being elected King, God said that man looks at the outside but He is concerned with the sincerity of the heart(1 Samuel 16:7)What If I met her one-on-one, I would have missed an evangelism opportunity because of my human weakness. I have to look beyond the covers to reach out. That is the secret!!

If I see her by my human abilities, I fail in my Kingdom mandate which is to go and make disciples of all nations, to baptize them in the name of the Trinity(Matthew 28:18)I have to relate to ones heart, one character to know their story. Through their story, His glory can be manifested.

While God is an interior designer, i seem to be more of a landscapper. Attracted to the outside, blind to the inside nitty gritty details. We have to look beyond the covers my dears. Yes she does not display much to your eyes, yes he seems otherwise in your eyes....leave the judgement seat to God. Its His duty. Our work, is to love without limits, to love them who seem 'unworthy,undeserving' into the kingdom.

If by anything, GRACE abounds because Christ paid it all. They too have a right to approach the throne of grace with confidence so that they may obtain mercy and find grace. So let's quit judging and lets be encouragers of the gospel to all regardless of their outer covering....We didn't do the dying on the cross, the least we can do is to look beyond their covers. They too deserve to be loved and know the giver of life!!!

# His love is stronger than our shame. My lesson for the day. Thank You Lord.# change of heart.


  1. Very true! Judging others keeps people away from the kingdom of God! Reminds me of Jesus' words when He told the pharisees that they keep the people from entering the kingdom of God (because they thought that no one was good enough apart from them) yet they themselves were not partakers of it!We need to ask God to keep us from adopting a pharisee spirit and walk in love.

  2. well said Abigael:) thanx for visiting my blog.i appreciate

  3. many times i have 'prosecuted' someone from the way the look...every time i read this post i remember Mary Magdalene, her ways were not right; she was a prostitute that is what people saw, but Jesus dint look at that, he associated with her despite who she was..she was a kind lady...so before we pick a stone and throw it at some one else, we should think about it first..lovely piece

  4. now we hve brand new eyes dear...;)


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