22 May, 2011

When my words fail..

Dear Lord,

Sometimes words fail me

Sometimes I am silent in Your presence

Sometimes my mouth can't speak as fast as my mind is processing my thoughts

Lord, there are such days

Sometimes such days become such months Lord

Its not that I have nothing to say but I get overwhelmed


When my words fail, my tears shall speak for me

Bottle my tears and may they be an offering to you Lord

When I lack words Lord

When my praises go up Lord

May they please You Lord

I want make you smile Lord even in my downside

For God, when you smile on me

You erase my pains and fears

You reassure me of Your love

Lord when words fail me

Let the whispers in my heart speak to You my Lord

Let my worship be to You only Lord

Words may fail me

But Lord, whatever it takes to be in your palace

Here I am Lord

For when the enemy wages war to faint my heart

To rip me of my faith

To smear the blood of hatred on my face,

Of deceit

To inject me with pain

Pain that kills my heart

That makes me numb


May my power to worship you never cease

For when words fail Lord

I will still look to You

In tears, I will worship You Lord

Your promises shall be my rock

Your word my comforter.


I stand still amidst all the turmoil

In your throne room

I will wait on You Father

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