24 May, 2011

So what???

Life can be really tough on us sometimes

But no matter what we got to grab life by its horns and forge on

I just wanted to encourage somebody out there

Is your candle light flickering??

Is your hope fading??

A wise man once side that we were born wet,naked and hungry then things get worse

So we'd better buckle up,

Fix our eyes on the prize regardless of the distractions around us

We have to adopt an attitude to make it in this life

So my dear

So what your boss tried to put you down??

So what your friends are your foes in disguise??

So what you've failed a test??

So what you didnt get a promotion??

So what the love of your life left you unexpectedly??

So what you haven't found the love of your life??

So what your family isn't the ideal family??

So what your broke??

So what all is not well??

So what??!!!!

Nothing grows on mountain tops

True growth is in th valley

Appreciate the struggles life throws your way

My dear, we waste time sulking and blaming the heavens..

We can thank God for the lil blessings we've got coz it could have been worse

Face each day with confidence

Aren't you a child of the Most High

If birds hack and survive

Why do we worry??

We were blessed with brains

We can change our circumstances with knowledge and wisdom

With God as the captain

We can stand on the ocean without sinking

We can soar high above

My dear

So what the Devil is on your case

Show Him that the Lord is on 24hrs guard

He is on your case day and night

The devil may try to shake your confidence

But you know whom you have believeth

Fix your eyes on Him

He'll prove the devil wrong!!!!

So go out into the world and 'kiss ass'

Conquer and reign

Take over cities

Your destined to excel

You are a winner

Tail mentality is not ours!!!!!

Start getting accustomed to the winning territory

Coz that's what you'll be doing all through your life!!!

God bless.....Win Win Win....


  1. Thnx for the encouragement

  2. Jaggd....thnx to see u here:) im blessd....thank you

  3. Woi..thank you!yaaarni...the walls of my world at times want to collapse but so what?if others made it, why not me..Chehova ne mi parak sees me through the tough moments...this one really touched me..totally encouraged!

  4. true tht linda...thts the Spirit nd th faith too


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