29 May, 2011

My Prayer, My Desire

May the meditation of my heart

May the words of my mouth

Be acceptable in your sight Lord

May my sacrifice please you Lord

May every word that proceeds from my mouth bless and not curse

May my eyes show compassion to Your people Lord

May my hands bless you Lord

May they provoke a blessing in heaven Lord

May my feet lead me to the paths of righteousness

Lord may the meetings I attend

The interviews I am called to

May the vehicles I drive in

May the rooms I enter

May the people that You bring my way

Testify of the God in me

May your glory be before me

Shield me from the schemes of the Enemy

Lust of the flesh

The pride of life

The lust of the eye is not my portion Lord

Gladden my Spirit Father

That I may not cause a brother or a sister to fall

Lord This I pray

That my joy shall overflow

My peace shall be beyond any human understanding

And Lord please,

Mark me!!!

Mark me as Your own

Brand Me Lord

Help me not to forget I am Yours

Father may my lips know no blasphemous words

May they know no slander

May my phone know no flirts,

No hint of sexual sin

My FaceBook Inbox too Lord

May all you have entrusted me Lord

Be a blessing to You Lord and before Men too.

With faith Lord,


I choose God with no regrets!!!

Lord don’t just take my words this time,

May actions accompany them too Daddy


  1. My compliments for your blog,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Marlow...thank you...I will do so


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