16 July, 2011

Thus far I have come!!!

The 16th of July 2011

Thus far I have come

I look back to the year that began on levels below sea level

To where I am now

I am not yet at the peak of my mountain

But atleast I am not drowning

I can see where I have come from

My vision is clearer

My heart is lighter

Thus far I have come

Its Ebenezer

The devil crashed me

Swayed me right left and centre

But here I stand

Not to boast of thus far I have come

But to bless God for lifting me up

He has carried me like a baby

Fed me, clothed me

Wrapped me with love

This is not my Canaan

My land of milk and honey is nigh

I am conquering cities in His name

Lord...I thank you so much

I look back without regrets

All the pain and the tears surely do count in Your presence

I claim that which is not as if it is

Faith as small as mustard you honour

Obedience that is better than sacrifice

Fresh aroma of worship belongs to you Yahweh

I can testify that because of THE GREAT I AM

I stand to witness this day.

Taste and see that my Lord is good..

......In His own timing, He worketh things for the good of those that love Him.


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