05 September, 2011

We loved you but...

We regret to announce the death of xxx who passed on xx/xx/xxxx after a brief short illness.

Friends and family are meeting at xxx everyday. the burial will be at his home in xxx

Well, this words sound familiar to most Kenyans...well,it is a funeral announcement.

On the 3rd of sept, yesterday, we got to lay to rest Mrs Sang mother to a good friend of mine.

While I watched the grave been covered with soil,

The children watching their mum go 6feet under,

Some trying to hold the tears within while others simply let them flow and form the tear tracks.

I asked myself questions.

Well, during such occasions we do not know whether to cry for the person leaving us or to be happy and celebrate the times we shared

This made me think:

How many of us assume the presence of our husbands??

How many ignore the value of their wives??

How many of us value our friends when time and distance become constraints??

Must absence make the heart grow fonder??

Must all we do be linked to :what do i benefit??

How many people crave for a mother, a father to enjoy the love of being brought up in a family set up??

How about a brother to joke with even do childish games with??

And a pal just to listen to you, somebody to enjoy a cup of coffee with??

Yet some do not get to form such memories due to the long arm of death

What Am I saying??

Enjoy the little angels in your lives.

Even when you think they are your little devils, God's steps are ordained

Cherish family and friendships while you still can

For time will come when you wish Bev was here to smile back

Or mum was here to hug me

Or my husband could have....

My brother would have....

Enjoy this lifetime with the people in your timeline.

Before the time comes when we get to say

We loved you but......!!!!!

May God rest mum Catherine in peace for through her burial i got a wake up call.

God bless Bett and his family for showing me what family is all about!!!

God bless the Chirchirs for displaying true friendship

God bless Fliqs, Benja,Tito,Dan nd Marto for reminding me the value of holding each other

God bless CPR class nd friends who stuck with Dennoe thru this thin phase of life


Lets cherich the relations we have NOW while we still have the breath of life.

God bless 


  1. Well said! Every moment should be treasured and every person appreciated while we are still living and breathing. May all our loved ones rest in peace

  2. true tht fiona:) every moment is priceless


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