02 January, 2011


The good thing about my life in the past one month is that i know the people who matter and the acquaintances. The time off in Addis has restructured my priorities in my life. I have learnt my lessons in terms of spirituality,love and life. Now its time to look at life in 3D, to find the beauty of it, to put my best foot forward and to consult God in all. In His own timing, He maketh things beautiful.....I trust Him.


  1. Looking at life in 3d...just retweeted this...totally agree girl the year is fresh, newness and so many possibilities....i too let bygones be bygones and focus on the bright today!

    You were in Addis...totally envy you!

    follow me on my blog as well.

  2. yeah gal...ima do tht...thanx dear...rem dont be afraid to shine....no shame for ur shine:)


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