07 January, 2011

You Can Fight On.

I look around me and I see dreams shattered, lives wasted.

Not because the people are less privileged, or less blessed or what not, 

But because somebody lost the spirit to fight on, hope vanished.

People have become content in their struggles, 

We worship our weaknesses in the name of 'don't judge me'.

We indulge in alcohol...ooh plenty of it.In fact, at this rate,more women are finding a hobby in drinking alcohol.

The same tongue that blesses...feels free to curse.

Our talk is vulgar, it is PG rated and yet we delight in it. It is the in-thing. 

We find no shame in chips funga, mpango wa kando and the likes. I mean, are we not young. Enjoying life carelessly.

Yet as old age beckons, we begin to see the brevity of life and crave for a different lifestyle....it's called maturity.

But the chains of our youth enslaves us, we have to fight the norm, resist the bottle, zip up your jeans, button your shirt young lady.

Let us pride in ourselves, and when we put our minds to it, we can let go of the bottle, sex and women.

For this too shall past.... It is not an easy road, but if you put your mind to it, focus on the prize then there will be a chance of becoming a better you.

BUT, YOU GOT TO FIGHT FLESHLY DESIRES. Nothing comes easy.....nothing.


  1. Nail hit on the head. Lord have mercy on me and others like me!!!

  2. Its me being real...seek the Lord kip...whyle He may b found


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