19 February, 2011

Between the altar and the door.

I'm just wondering what really happens between the altar and the door.

In my sinful state,I make the entrance to God's court

The gates are wide open for all.

I take the brave step towards the altar,into His presence.

In His splendor,I'm guilty but He accuses me not!!!

I'm filthy,not worthy 2 untie His sandals.

I mean I'm not even near heavenly material.

My name tag reads"FOR HELL".

But Christ's love is far reaching.

Its like how far the east is from the west.

He sinks me in His wine,His Spirit.

He renews me,

He makes me blameless,

Spotless as though I had not been condemned before.

He refreshes my soul,quietens my noisy spirit.

He bestows on me peace that transcends all understanding.

He looks at me and calls me His own,apple of Hz eye.


The Lord has equipped me with the

Holy Spirit to go ye to the world and

make disciples in His name

At the altar, the world is in black and white,

I mean how could I ever falter!

From the altar,I begin the walk back to the door that I came in through.

But this time, I'm a new creation with the Spirit's assurance.

With the first 5 steps.

I'm standing strong!

Keeping the fight,representing Jesus to the fullest!

Then I make 2 faint steps...

What's not happening??

Mind battle¿¿war of the heart¿¿

where's my passion for the things of God?

Am I drifting away from my 1st love??


Before I know it,I've grown cold towards His teachings.

I no longer talk intimately with Him

I have lost the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Have you been there???

No sooner than...I'm crawling towards the door.

Church soon becomes a strange place 4 me.

Jesus is out of sight.

And I ask, ''what happened to the anointing I received at the altar???''

Where's the passion I had for my first love??

Where's the sparkle in my eye??

Where's He who holds my heart?

In whom I live,move and have my being!

I'm trapped at the floor...even before I leave the door

Between the altar and the door!!!

I'm trying so hard.

To stop trying so hard.

To let Him be just who He is.

Lord who u are in me!!!

But the chains of yesterday surround me.

I'm drowning in my mess.

Yet I yearn for the strength to keep the fight.

To rise above the storm

I don't wanna end up like before.


Somebody out there understands

what it means to be a fugitive between the altar and the door

we all know what it means to have such wars.

Like Paul said"I don't understand what I

For what i want to do,I don't do,but what I hate I do"Romans 7:15.

When His truth is drowned in the storm we are in.

I have come to let you know that

Jesus died stark naked that you+me

would put our clothes on!!

That you+me will stand up,

dust ourselves and keep our eyes fixed upon the cross!!

In His arms of mercy I find rest

In His promises,I build my faith

In His works,I proclaim His name

The distance between the altar and the door seems short

But thats where all comes crumbling down.

Just between the altar and the door

Where we forget the words He has spoken,

The promises that burn within our hearts grow dim

The walk is not easy,

But hey am I treading on coal alone???

Am I sailing through the storm in solitude???

He promises to be with me to the end of the age

Its never how high I jump

Its never how fast I walk

Its always how STRAIGHT I walk

And my journey is between the altar and the door!!!


  1. Keep the inspiration flowing gal. And may the Lord use you greatly for His glory - Woman of valor - [Marian]

  2. Marian...im honoured to have you here.thank you dear and amen to that dear. To Him be all the glory:)

  3. Romans 7:15...!! Very insightful....i super like...!! my dear i feel you! one word...Exquisite!!

  4. thank you Adyzo...digital discipleshp my dear :-)


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