19 February, 2011

My Life, My Book

My life is a book

Mixture of fiction, of horror

of inspiration, of humour, of love and

the likes.

Its got pages of good reading.

And some well,not best selling

maybe the paparazi would like the latter!!

am trying my best to write a book

like the Bible.

one that fulfils,

One that builds with every page

You know a book worth reading!

I wish i would erase some of the pages,bt I can't.

my book unlike ordinary books aint written in paper.

its engraved in stone.

wid every letter I write,

I hope to reflect David's heart...

to relay Solomon's wisdm...

to write every page wid Paul's strength,

with Peter's endurance.

And above all with Christ's love.

That's my wish my desire my prayer.

that at th end of it all my life may be worth writing about.

to say th truth...i jst try.

I'm not perfect.

I'm only bt human!

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