12 February, 2011

The boat sails

This is just to encourage someone out there
Who's been on the cold side of life
Who is wondering whether God cares
Yes He does my dear
If life was all smooth,how would man know the power of God
how would God reveal His mighty works??
We have to lack,to see Him as the provider
We have to fall,to see Him as our Saviour
We have to be weary,that His strength is felt
We have to cry, that His arms may comfort us
We have to loose our idols,that we may recognize He is a jealous God
And the list is endless....there's His grace,love,faithfulness,priesthood,fatherhood,counsellor,maker
My friend,we can never have too much of God
Therefore my dear,sail on through the storms of life
Knowing that you are never alone
Knowing that grace is always in proportion to your task
Faint not,
You have all it takes to wade through this life
If only you look Up
Jesus is the way,the truth and the life!!!
Decide to sail with the Lord today:-)


  1. this is timely and inspiring...if only we had the wisdom to fathom and jz follow, we'd be The People...Great piece of writing...

  2. Its never too late kip...wisdom is from Him...ask Him...u just need to make a choice.

  3. This is a good start to my week!you've got awesome stuff right here!keep on keeping on!God bless u!

  4. Thank you my dear gal;) all glory to th Maker dear


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