12 February, 2011

Whatever happened!!!

What happened to the days when people believed in love and safeguarded their love??
What happened to family being supreme???
What happened to 1 man 1 wife kinda love???
What happened to fathers viewing their daughters as so and not sexual objects???
What happened to bodies being temple of our Maker???
What happened to dignity??to chastity??
What happened to humans being equal and respecting each other??
What happened to compassion among men??
What happened to respect to God???
What happened????
How does a man enjoy sex with a fellow man???or a man and an animal???an adult and an infant???a young man and a 70 yr old granny??
How does a woman sell her body to a man??or a woman??or to an object??
How do you let intoxication fool you??
How do you let a man carress your body??sexual highness???
What is happening????
The youth????????
Future leaders???
Future hope???
where is the hope for the society amidst all this????
What happened??!!!

1 comment:

  1. We
    s know
    to the
    s uv
    iv come
    to knw
    that the
    word of
    God is
    the only


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