12 February, 2011

My wounds

When Jesus of Nazareth resurrected,He appeared before His disciples and Thomas was not with them.
So the disciples later told Thomas.....'Jesus is risen' but Thomas did not believe...he doubted of that yet He had witnessed the miracles of Jesus.
Jesus then appeared to the disciples again after 8dys when Thomas was with them
Thomas believed because he saw and touched the wounds on Jesus' hands
One has to identify with your wounds sometimes so that healing may come forth, faith may be built and ministry may be enhanced.
I write this blog so that my wounds may be a testimony to those who read this
That people may be encouraged,temples may be rebuilt,lives and souls refreshed,faith may grow within souls
So ima tell my story
Let people see my wounds
Some may even need to touch them so that they may believe
Let my wounds
My past
My mistakes
My failures be my ministry
May they touch somebody
Minister to their lives
Not how much i have hacked through it all
But how far the Lord has been gracious and merciful
My wounds are my ministry
But the glory is to my Father in heaven:-)


  1. ...true this...lets allow our wounds to be ministry. One day I hope mine will be...Kip.

  2. your mess is your message kip..but only if you bow down to the King of Kings


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