17 February, 2011

The unsaid

Usually.....one writes to encourage oneself...and in the process someones soul is uplifted

Rarely, does one sit back,evaluate his life and puts his life on paper

It is hard sometymz to let your struggle out

For fear of being judged

Yet you seek to confide, to seek the power of three in prayer

To find a sister willing to go up the mountain with you, stay wake and seek the Lord wid u nd for u

It is hard ...

staging lives kill u

For fear of being rebuked yet its counsel of the godly that you seek.

Im at a point in life wea paul sez:Lord, i ask of u tht u may take away this thorn in my life

Day in day out, it haunts

It kills

Kills my hope

Lessens my strength

Emptys my heart of love

Devoids my life of fullnesss

Its a struggle...ima b real

It hurts.....ima tell it like it is....

I wanna walk on water

I wanna tell of ths new life of abundance

I wanna speak in heavenly languages

I wanna walk in th Spirit

But Lord!!!!!!

The weights of ths life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hear my cry oh Lord

The unsaid....

The unspoken

The cries of a soul

I wanna rise above ths

I wrote ths to encourage my self.....bt olso to speak to sb out thea whoz struggling

U know ur thorn(s)......i know we will make it.....

Pray nd fast......

The Lord will sustain us nd uplift us.



  1. Nice one
    my dear....
    you'v said

  2. :-))) thnx gal...im glad to reflect ur heart


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