19 February, 2011

It's just a season

It is a season

It is an episode of life

It is not permanent

It is just a lesson

For a reason it happened

And the Lord is not shocked about it

I may weep now

but joy awaits in the morning

it may not come tomorrow, or the day after...or next week or next month

but it shall come to pass

at the end of this life

i need to stand before God and give an account of my life

so i will not faint now

i will cry...yes i will...they r liquid prayers...

but i will still do that which i am trained to do

I will accomplish that which i was destined to do

I can never see His glory until i have done my story

so....lemme write my story...with the pen of life...and erase some with tears of pain

but I will not tire of flipping through my life-story

neither will the turmoils of this life deter me...

I'm His...I am the Lord's.....

He'll see me through it all...

He has the better view of my life

I mean He is the Man Upstairs.

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