09 May, 2011

#Being real

God is beyond our understanding

Who can demystify Him??

Full of grace and mercy

When He remembers our sins no more that is grace

Then He blesses us undeservingly

That's His mercy in action

Sometimes God floods us with blessings we dont deserve

And we get used to it

Familiarity breeds contempt they say

Then we take it for granted

We become busy bodies

Too busy for God

We get the pride of life

Arrogance, when deep down we know God may turn tables anytime

We forsake His fellowship

Bibles get dusty

Salvation becomes too religious and shady

We worship the cars we drive

We sin in the cars that God blesses us

Back seats have become beds of sin

The money God saw fit to bless us with

Is the same one we kiss the devil with

We make altars with the devil,

Some we know not off

God says if we are faithful with little

He will entrust with more

To whom much is given

Must is expected

Dont exhalt ourselves

Become small God

Whereas all we are

All we own

Is the Lord's

Let's not grieve God

How we handle our wealth

Is worship before the Lord

I'm just being real with myself, my God and with you

I never want to irritate God

To the point that He gets tired of me and spits me out

I'd rather be applauded by God than men

I wanna be a different 24 year old

I want to make my Dad proud

I wanna be faithful

He uplifts the humble

The proud He resists!!!

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