11 May, 2011

That's my God; Know Him

The Lord will remember me through this all just like Joshua remembered Rahab the prostitute

The Lord will wipe my tears, He promised joy comes in the morning

The Lord will be my strength, He said for when I'm weak He is strong

The Lord will deliver me from this battle, He said the battle belongs to Him

The Lord is ever faithful, the only one I can turn to anytime.

He said He is not man that He should lie

He is faithful even when we are faithless

The Lord will shield me from my enemies

He is my fortress

And even when my life seems chaotic full of storms and uncertain

He is a God of order and He holds my world in His hand

He will remember me and He will restore what the locust has eaten

He has given me power to trample over scorpions

I believe in God even when He is silent

I believe in healing even at my deathbed

I believe in love even when I am alone

For I do not believe in gods carved by human hands

Or in men of flesh and blood

I believe in Yahweh who part the red sea for Israelites

I believe in Jehovah who supplied manna for them

In Jesus who healed the Centurion's Son

In Him, who by the touch of His garment healed a woman with 12 years bleeding God

I have not been tried to the point of death

Neither are my storms extraordinary to God

He is the King of Kings

I believe in Him

He will deliver me

All for the glory of His name

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