13 May, 2011

His Love, My greatest blessing

Lord it used to be darkness

I lived my life in blindness

My pride took to my pitfall

My arrogance Lord could not allow my knees to kneel

I lost my way in the woods

I was lost Lord

My lifeboat had capsized

I was dead and gone

Until your love came Lord

Now I sing because of you

A temple under construction

For your love Lord

Is stronger than my shame

Greater than my pain Lord

You loved me

When I was dead, reckless,homeless,tattered and lost

Lord when I found you

I found love

Love that i had never found

Love that i had never received

For all you've done Lord I'm grateful

With you Lord

I have found love

Just what i needed

Immense love just to hold my world together

I love you Daddy

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