08 May, 2011

Invisible scars

Our words

Our actions

When inappropriately used

Scar the people around us

I like to call such invisible scars

Scars that can't be seen

They ain't like bruises or burns that

We can see the extent of the harm we cause

A wise man said that children show scars like medals

Lovers use them as secrets to reveal

A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh

When a house girl is molested

A child is raped by a father

A girl is hurled at words....words that echo and sap her of today's strength

When a waiter is insulted

A plump girl is mocked because of her weight

When your classmates pick on you

When a husband cheats on his wife

When a mother disowns her child

When a friend betrays another

When the person you love and trust looks you into the eyes and lies

When your lover plays you

Such are the deepest scars etched in ones heart

To open such a heart is to expose ones scars

To expose a wound to cold

So many times we die with such scars

We cry in our beds

We cage ourselves in our pain

We shut the world

we keep hurting

At times hurting souls hurt others

Invisible scars are the deepest of all!!!!

Out of suffering my dear,

have strongest souls emerged.

The heroes of today are the most scarred

The only difference is that they made a decision to turn their scars into stars

I will not be a bad mother because i had no mother

I will not be an unfaithful friend because I was betrayed

I will not be a prostitute because somebody stole my dignity in my childhood

I will not be a player because some boy somewhere took me for granted

I will not take love for granted because I have been hurt before

I will not let others be a victim of my scars!!!

The beauty about scars is that a scar means that a hurt is over

Damage has already been done

The hurt is over

I need to close the wound, heal and be done with

I know it hurts

I have been there

But you keep hurting yourself and others to

You need to rise above such scars

Invisible, yet painful

But God is able to turn it around

He will restore what the locust has destroyed

Let him heal your scars

Let Him shine His light

What the Devil meant for harm

God can turn it around

And the people who hurt you shall bow before you in awe and wonder

They shall know that our God never sleeps

He is never off duty

God is not concerned with your medals, or degrees

He is interested in your heart

Where scars are.


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