08 May, 2011

Memories of this age

What are memories?

If not hidden treasures of past occurrences etched in our minds

Vivid pictures that we safely store

That we shall sit on the beach

Or under the moonlight

Or during dinners with our families

And narrate back in the days stories

Stories that will build our children

And who knows transform the world too.

But what memories do we carry around?

What wisdom will we pass on??

what evidence will the heavens write on us??

Memories of this age!!!!

The funny thing about memories is that they ain't fantasies or dreams

Memories are past occurrences

What stories will we have for the products of our generation

Think about the power of your actions

Will we brag of sex with hookers??

Will we brag of being conquerors with women??

Each Friday is a new woman??

Maybe the drinking sprees?

The vulgar talk will do?

Or perhaps how much we've conned people??

Maybe its the mwakenyas in the exam room??

Think about

To your kid, your the hero

Are these the hero stories to narrate??

What kids will we bring up??

Do you know its our responsibility to raise our children in the fear of the Lord...in reverence of the King of Kings

The time is now

The time to create memories of power is now!!

I am tired of being cliche personally!!!

What about purposeful living??

What about self control??

What about self worth??

What about the power of our words??

God says: Rejoice young man in your youth

let your heart cheer you in the days of your faith

walk in the ways of your heart

and in the sight of your eyes

but know that for all these

God will bring you into judgement Ecc. 11:9

God knew man will follow his heart that is deceitful above all

He knew his eyes would lust for the temporary stuff

So He set rules

Not compulsory military ones

But He gave us the free will to choose

Choose ye today what kind of life you wanna believe

Your life will paint your memories

Choose your canvas wisely

Select your brushes with intelligence

Pick your colors wit-fully

Do your painting like the creator

Paint it beautifully.

Make the memories worth the audience.


  1. Carrole MweberryMay 16, 2011 4:09 pm

    You have moved me to tears Beverly!!!! Seriously, you have moved me to tears!!!. The words that you have captured graciously on this blog speak out loud...We all need to have great things to speak to our kids,en now,not later,now is the moment to create those memories en experiences we will share with them when we tack them in bed.

  2. true that dear, i want our children to be the kids God intended them to be ...i do not want to pass dwn generational curses to them...may God help us to do so:) thnx for cheking aut the blog dear.bless u

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  4. Beverly every single article i have read on ur Blog moves me.I echo the same words by Mwaberry,SPOT ON is the word!I blve UR thot process is GODS reservoir for grace n inspiration:-).My eyes are socked with tears right now.Its like u talkin abt some of the things i was once lost in2,sucked in2,blindedin2 n engulfedin2.I trust that our prime purpose in this world is to live alife drafted,planned,anchored,chartered,navigated and voyaged by GOD!Cant say more bt other than say Thanks for inspiring me with ur articles.
    Be blessed.

  5. Bev, u are heaven sent, nimelearn so much from this, i wanto carry with me great memories that please the lord.

  6. Heh...Mkosh....very soon nitakosa words za kusema how much your writing inspires and amshaz me yaani....may God continue to pour out that annointing ya kuminister reality in Gods perspective kwa lives za watu..........
    Mimi bedtym story ya watoi itakuwa 'Words of Wisdom: Reality version...by Bev Mkosh:-)
    Much luv sweet heart.

  7. I bless the Lord...all this is the doing of my Father....an avenue for people to know Christ and live for Him
    Thank you for the support.
    Sheii dear....haha uve made by day...by then itakuwa hardcopy na autographed for ur toiz:)


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