29 May, 2011

If you must...!!!

Mae West said:"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough".I call that GOOD WORD!!! Wisdom in its every essence.

If you must live(no choice here coz you are already on earth), then you must live right and accordingly.

If you must love, love with the purity and sincerity of the heart

If you must be a parent, be the best parent there ever be

If you must lead, lead with integrity and honesty

If you must succeed, then engrave your legacy on this earth

If you must do anything,

Put your whole heart in it

We should be either cold or hot

Never lukewarm

Even God advocates that we are either in Him or not

Luke warm people shall be spat out of God's mouth

And if you must do anything wholeheartedly...

May what you do be in His perfect will and law!!

Have a blessed week....for sure it must be for God is full of blessings!!!

Be found on the God side!!

with Love,



  1. yezzurrrr!!!!!im so serious nd passionate abt ths


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