29 May, 2011

***My thoughts

I know life is tough

I am living in it too you know

Nothing comes easy

There are wars, economic crises, suicidal cases, murder

You name it.

Even the world was allegedly ending

I guess we are not the only ones tired of this life!!!

Recently, I was asking God....."Really!!!!!Must life be this cruel???"

I mean a faithful wife lands on a drunken adulterous husband

A hardworking man tarmacs all through his life

And when opportunity knocks the door, It peeps in, never opens the door wide open

A hard working parent swots day and night for his child to have a wonderful life

Yet the child, squanders the sweat of his father in women and drugs

A mother's knees are scarred due to the 3am prayers she makes for her family for 24 years

Yet, she's arrogantly assumed in the family

A girl pledges her heart to a man,

And the man promises his heart to many

Same script, different cast scenario

A servant faithfully serves his master

A master faithfully disregards him day in day out

And the Lord opened my mind.

Didn't He love what He created?

He never sleeps nor slumbers??

Sometimes I am busy looking for the answers to the mysteries of this life

Yet, that is not my jurisdiction.

My role is to live faithfully regardless of other variables

Mine is to live worthy of my calling

The judgement seat belongs to Abba Father

The questions and mysteries of this world are not ours to fathom

I fix my eyes upon the prize

I will do my part

Paint my world beautifully

The rest I leave to God


  1. We should be thanking u for inspiring us.
    Have u read "help me i'm worried" by Joyce Meyer and "you can dream again" by Pepe Minambo.
    Insightful books.

  2. jagdee lemme luk for those books :) nd read them...thank u dear


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