16 July, 2011

*** Heart matters

love_clfk1o6tHeart matters do hurt at times

Sometimes my heart speaks in tongues

Languages I cannot decode

At times it dances to the music I cannot hear

To genres I do not like

My heart skips beats,

Such skips will kill me someday

It’s a fight I cannot resist

What do I do with this thoughts of you

What do I do with my heart’s language that some find it complex

I wish there was a school for the language of love

If the wizards can have a school<well, Harry Potter messed up my reality world>

Then the language of the heart should have been researched upon, should have had a curriculum

But the most complex language has no manual

My heart would love to….

To dance with his heart…

To listen to his heart..

To lay by your heart

What would his heart do when my heart sought his

Does he recognize it’s a hunger, a craving that only him can feel

I’d love you to need me

To have you all the time

To talk to you

To stand by your side

To be one with you

I would love to…

And so much more

But, the music playing is in my world only

The genre is not his heart’s liking

Heart matters hurt.

Somebody once told me…."you are an awesome woman but I am afraid to hurt you"

So I keep dancing to my own tune

May be his heart will listen to the voice in the wind

Like the august rush movie

His heart needs to hear and see the orchestra playingNoteNoteNote

Above all he needs to feel the music.

When you feel it, you dance to it forever.

Maybe someday, I will be on the dance floor with you.


  1. Walalalalala!!!!!! I feel you dear. Good stuff...Deep stuff....

  2. thank u mum:) u r a faithful reader:) u bless me


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