06 September, 2011

A Beautiful Mess

Today is one of those days that your fingers type the melody in your heart

One of those days that I wish I had the melodious voices

In that case I will make a hit song instead of writing a blog :-)

In the doh reh mi fah.

In the G flats, the F sharps

I dont know whether this is workable in the G and F cleffs on the musical staffs

Then I would have a bridge and a reprise

Mercy and Fliqs pardon my musical ignorance

But I am sure you get my drift

Then the melody would make my words real and alive

For to me you are such a beautiful mess

The one I would love to pick yet drop

It feels like picking trash in cabinets

Diamonds in pebbles

And Lord this kind of hurts

Actually it does hurt

For my beautiful mess

Is beautifully messy

Messily beautiful

Not really sure

For this mess kinda heals

Then tears me apart

Brings a smile unto my face

Then steals my joy

Its in the actions

In the intentions

In the words

All such a beautiful mess

Standing at the T-junction of life Lord

Wondering what road sign You'll drop my way Lord

I want beautiful

Not messy

For right now,

I am a wounded beautiful disaster Lord!!!


  1. Hi dear,
    These are really beautifully crafted words.

  2. Mriesh!!!!!!! I have always loved the phrase 'a beautiful mess'....its about having peace in the middle of a seeming crisis....purposefully stilling your heart to wait on God no matter how bad things seem....
    I love this piece...

  3. thank u carol
    warindi!!!!:) me too..soon its gonna be beautiful dear:) thank u


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