11 September, 2011

Dear Love,

Dear Love, 

My days are longer without you

Its all misty and windy

My life is cold and grey

There are days I just want to lay in my bed

Switch off my phone

Disconnect my Internet because I might be tempted to tweet or Face Book

Warm my self with my warm duvet

Cry myself to sleep

Perhaps I will wake up in another world or at least a different timezone

For to me you've never been grey

My memory is as fresh as yesterday

For you are my angel

Still my love

For you mastered the music of my heart

Made me your queen

Treated me with honor

Loved me faithfully

Held me tenderly

My love

Your presence has never left

As fresh as daisies as the English men would say

As precious as gold are our memories

When it rains

I see you for you loved the smell of rain on dry soil

Sometimes I think the world makes it harder for me to forget you

I wake up with your favourite tune on the local station

I am reminded of when you left every year

I see loved ones walking hand in hand everyday love

Well, Fridays and Sundays are more depressing for me

I spend my time lining up for a Double M with my earphones in my ears

And sometimes love, its too painful that I look to the heavens and I shed a tear

I see kids going to Sunday school and I wish we would have had ours

I attend my friends' weddings..

Well love, I see you everywhere

I know it will take some time for you to fade in my life, in my head, in my heart, in my everything

Guess what love!!!

I still compose messages to you and save them as drafts.

It was too early for you to leave love

But God knows why

So I wont get tired of visiting your resting place every year

Dropping you flowers every year

Asking God to take good care of you till we meet again

You were the perfect example of love

You were love,

A gem to me

Highly cherished love

Rest well my love

Till we meet again

God has His ways

He knows why you left too soon

I miss you love.

Rest in Peace Love!!!

With love,

Your love 


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