11 September, 2011

Can you stand to be counted?

Sometimes I wonder if we live according to God's plan

Or does God try to work according to our plan?

Well, do the angels have a culture shock when they are sent for missions on earth

Does Christ get angry when He watches over us through the day and the night

What about Queen Esther?

Does she ever wonder where did women lose their morality and respect

Well, she understood how to earn favour with a king, not just any man

And to earn it rightfully on your knees not through the sheets

What about Moses??

When the Israelites worshiped false gods while he was up the mountain

He got angry when he descended and broke the tablets of the commandments

Well, if Moses came now what will he say of our state of lawlessness and arrogance towards our maker

I am just wondering

We are full of ourselves

We have become our own makers
WE have forgotten what it means to be in awe and full of respect to God

We have ignored the value of self respect, respect for others and self sacrifice

It is a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye

It is my right to have another woman’s husband

It is normal to be sexually active by the age of 12yrs

It is fashionable to be 24 and have 3kids to your name

It is legal by unwritten standards to live off someones wealth

It is morally right for a man to shift gears and multitask a circle of lovers

That is our world

Does God get angry with us from His throne

Well, some would say nope!!!For He still blesses us and favours us

The thing with my Father in Heaven is that He is a gentleman

He gives me the power to choose

He has given His law

We all know what God says of sexual sins, of adultery, of idolatry, of stealing, of lying and what not

I mean with a Bible made up of 66 books

God covered all facets of life

Yet this is the generation that says ‘praise the Lord on Sunday after sleeping with a married man??!!!

The generation that believes that not even God knows how much libido we have yet He is the creator??!!!

The generation that strives out of selfishly acquired wealth

The one that would rather party all weekend but not even dare educate that orphan who struggles to get his education

The generation that believes marriages  don’t work yet God the creator instituted it

The generation that believes it is wiser than its creator yet a child cannot be wiser than his parents!!!!

This is my generation!!!

But I refuse to be cliché

I refuse to live by the book, the book of the world

So help me God

If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God, the scriptures record this

Lord I pray that you may grant me wisdom to choose my path

Grant me strength for my anchor to withstand the strong winds of the enemy

Help me Lord to me a REMNANT!!!

For this is my generation,

But this is not my path!!!!

I choose to have God’s mindset

I choose to know what captures your heart God

I choose to be different

I hope you too can stand up and be counted

Stand up for your creator and make Him proud

For if we can put our best foot forward for worldy acclamations

How much more effort can we put to be ISO heaven certified???

What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his life in the end?

*Think about it. Its not easy but its workable to be in this 21st century and still be counted as a bond servant of Christ like Paul the apostle!!
Be blessed.

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