21 September, 2011

Run to the Waters

Have you ever wanted to sail off the harbour but just wouldn't?

Ever wanted to take up that new job but your thinking 'what if you don't live up to their expectation?'

What about taking that step to commit to something but fear creeps in?

Easier to hold on than to let go, don't you think?

Easily getting used to our comfort zone

Change is not easy, this much I know

I love my comfy corner that does not do me any good

Risk is how life is lived and enjoyed

I mean how else has Kenya's rich history been made

It is through courageous men and women who chose to run in to the waters

To forget their comfy zones

Forget their regular cup of tea

And venture out

God reminded me about Jesus and Walking on water. Mt 14:22-36

"Jesus made the disciples go ahead of Him.He later joined them in the evening. well How? is the question. the scriptures record that Jesus began walking on water towards the disciples and the disciples were terrified. Peter, then challenged Christ and said really!!!if its You then tell me to come to You"

Peter dared to venture into the waters. Then Christ said COME

Step #1 is to start your Journey. Don't be afraid. Just Go. Go into the waters. the shallow and the deep alike. the still and the stormy ones. Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. Martin Luther said that we must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.

Do not fear, For the Lord is with you. God is calling us to the waters for He is there too. He cannot call you where He is not found!!! Trust Him and walk to Him.

Fear not for you will not be put to shame!!! the Lord does not play hide and seek with His children. Tricks are of the devil. He has a good plan for you when He calls you out to the waters.

Step #2 Eyes on the Prize
Peter walked on water until he saw the wind and began being afraid. The Bible says that PETER BEGAN TO SINK THEREAFTER. and he cried out to the Lord.

The lesson here is to fix our eyes upon Christ while we are in the waters. He is our rock and helper. All other ground is sinking sand my friends. David said, I was young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken. When we focus on the enemy, our troubles become impossible. But when we focus on God, nothing is impossible. Don't give the enemy any talk time or airtime. He is not worth our focus at any given time. Have faith in He who holds your world and watch Him form your world beautifully in a manner that no eye has seen nor any mind perceived.

Even when we begin to sink, call on God. he is ready and might to save us my friends.

This was my word for this week.

Bev will walk by faith In Christ Jesus
Bev will fix her eyes on her Saviour
Bev will not be afraid of the waters
Bev will not give any airtime or talk time to the Devil

Who is with me on this one??

Even when we have ventured and failed before, there is Hope
failure is not a death sentence

In the words of Mignon: People are made of flesh and blood and a miracle fibre called courage

And sometimes even to live is an act of courage on its own.

Can we now fearlessly conquer the remaining part of the week?

Oh Yeiyaaa!!!!!


  1. There's something about your writing that ignites a magical flame of courage in me, thank you Bev!

  2. you are totally welcome Reesh. There is power in the scriptures that gives us life in abundance.:-)

  3. Hey Bev thanx for this inspiring piece of writing i needed it at this point in my life. God bless u

  4. I love this and the words of Mignon. :-)

  5. thanx kenyansista:)

    Ang'asa....we all need a push at times:)


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