24 December, 2011

CHRISTmas Meaning.

The magic of Christmas in not in the presents but in His presence!!!!

Christmas to me is an extension of what we have been doing and not a one off happening that is easily scrapped off your mind come the dawn of 26th December every year. Christmas without Christ is like having baby shower in a bachelor's pad!!! Christmas, a time to commemorate the birth of Christ, has been replaced with merry making, exchanging gifts and what not!!!

"unto us a KING is born in a manger, the saviour of the world". the best we can do is to have CHRISTmas in our hearts. Let Christ rule and reign our hearts now and ever more. Christ is not found under the Christmas tree, or through the chimney as Hollywood has made us believe, or through the thousand of beer bottles that are guzzled down.

Had this day been your day, the best we would do is to put a smile on your face. Lets make Jesus happy as we celebrate Christmas.

Bring love to every empty soul, strength to every dying heart. Spread love to that beggar you pass by everyday, touch an enemy and #spreadlove. Love is the heartbeat of God.

Merry Christmas.....Christ is the only reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Be blessed.

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