27 December, 2011

Not without a fight

Ever wanted to give up, give in, raise a white flag

Ever wanted to give it all up in a second for your heart is faint

No longer a brave spirit,

No longer a tough one

The battlefield is too hot for you

Your sword is too blunt

A prayer in the fire would suffice

But I am dry

I am tired

I am faint

But like Jacob

I am not letting go

This is my prayer in the battle

"Not without my blessing Lord!! I will fight on till You bless me Lord"

I am not giving up,

High and dry as I look

I am fighting on

Even when You touch the socket of my hip bone Lord

I will fight on,

Not until You bless me

Not until You rename me, give me a new identity

Not until You refill my cup Lord

Not until You restore what the locust has consumed

Not until I touch the hem of your garment Lord

Not until I see your face Father

Not without a fight,

For when it comes to things of the Lord

I forge on

For what else is life if not with and of God

For what do I benefit when I gain the whole world Lord??

Until I arrive at my Peniel

To meet my God

It will be not without a fight

*this is to all who are waiting on God, do not give up. Never even contemplate to do so. For with God, we have eternal life and peace which cannot be compared to what the World has to offer. Forge on until He blesses you, gives you a new name, until you meet our Lord face to face.

2011 ends...dare not  enter 2012 without having Jesus. Be Born again,not of flesh but by the Spirit. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. This is what salvation is. You need Jesus...I need Him...I have HIM.

Do you know Jesus?? How else will you reach Peniel if you know not the Father??

~Inspired by Genesis 32:22-31~

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