29 December, 2011

#Note to many selves

I think I have had it with people hurting and crying because of fellow humans. How many tears are shed because someone somewhere did not care that a heart is a living organ?? Well, (read this on twitter), "I wish intelligence was for sale, I would buy you a whole GB!!!"And to some even a terabyte would not suffice.

I love men and women who make use of their minds before they act, before you tossle that heart around, do mind games and play solitaire with the hearts...avoiding heart dramas and hurt episodes. I am not talking to the care-free souls ....such need Christ first.

this is a note to many selves, mine included, you can choose to play with things say cards, ropes etc but HEARTS are not in the list of "Items you can play with"

Ladies and gentlemen, if we are not ready to take responsibility, then choose to play solitaire, FIFA, et.al. Last time I checked, heart games was not listed in the All-africa Games or the Olympics.

God has entrusted us with alot, and every deed shall be put to judgement. A heart is beloved of God, kindly be found faithful as a caretaker of His creation.

Come 2012, can we be more honourable in how we treat our fellow humans! I do not think it is human sleeping and enjoying your life, while you killed a soul, sucked the life out of it due to greed or other reasons excuses that we might have.

#Note to many selves

~We all need to arise, think and have a heart of love. A heart of God.~

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