20 December, 2011

My Lessons from 2011

Wow!! 11 days and 2011 is gone, 2012 here we come people!!! I remember when we were approaching 2011, I wrote, "For life is short, Eternity is long my friend..."

Now 2011 is fading away and 2012 is here.

We are older, probably richer, to some happier, more depressed, or did we add years to life but not value to it?

For me, this year marked 11 years of salvation in Christ and its been the rise and fall of Bev. I fall, i hurt, I dust off, I rise and I note my pothole in my life's highway. For the more I grow old, the wiser I would love to become....so here are my 20 greatest life lessons from 365 days, 8760 hours...etc etc...that's how long a year is!!! :-)

  1. You shall have no other gods BEFORE or BESIDES ME!!!
  2. Be a witness in the BOARDROOM too, not only in the church.
  3. Life is all about relationships, the rest is just details.
  4. Honour the Lord with your tithes and offerings (yes with both), test Him with your giving and watch Him open the floodgates of Heaven for you!
  5. Nothing beats God, not brokenness, $$rate, heartbreaks, loss of loved ones!!!NOTHING!!!
  6. In His own timing, not in MINE!!!HIS!!! He maketh things beautiful.
  7. Friends!!!TRUE FRIENDS are lifetime jewels!!! Handle them with care!
  8. I discovered this late, but better late than never! Develop strategies of how to MAKE, SAVE,GROW, GIVE and  SPEND money!!! Have a personal financial action plan.Write your vision down and make your request known to God!!
  9. As your spending increases, so should your giving!! It is better to give than to receive
  10. Smile smile smile!!! Your smile is someone else's ray of hope:-)
  11. Own your lifestyle!! just because  its trending does not mean its compulsory or acceptable!!
  12. Thank you, excuse me, I am sorry>>>>should always be on your lips 24-7!!
  13. COURTESY goes a long way!! Reply texts, answer calls, call people back, respond to peoples' comments....I do not believe some people are broke 12 months in a row!!!
  14. LOVE is beautiful!!!
  15. Bless your boss, speak blessings into your employer!!!QUIT WHINING.
  16. Truth without photo-shop, love without pretence, friendship without hypocrisy, help with no strings attached makes the world a better place
  17. Its okay to CRY...its natures way of cleansing your eyes
  18. EAT HEALTHILY, DRINK LOTS of WATER>>>>its cheaper than hitting the gym or trying out expensive weight loss techniques.
  19. YOUR BODY, HIS TEMPLE #enough said
  20. Have fun, God too has a sense of humour!!


  1. Nyc One. May ur open heart blogs continue to bless many.


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